خرید فروش صادرات سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش نمایندگی سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش قیمت نمایندگی سنگ گرانیت سبز، سنگ مرمریت سفید، سنگ مرمریت اوشن بلک، سنگ مرمریت در اصفهان

خرید فروش نمایندگی سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش قیمت نمایندگی سنگ گرانیت سبز، سنگ مرمریت سفید، سنگ مرمریت اوشن بلک، سنگ مرمریت در اصفهان

خرید فروش نمایندگی سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش قیمت سنگ نما،خرید فروش سنگ گرانیت ، گرانیت آبرنگی،سنگ جدول، سنگ نما سفید،سنگ مرمریت سیاه، سنگ نما قهوه ای، کوپ سنگ مرمریت اسپادانا سیلک، کوپ سنگ مرمریت اوشن ماربل، اسلب سنگ مرمریت اسپادانا یلک، اسلب سنگ مرمریت اوشن ماربل، قیمت سنگ مرمریت، کوپ سنگ مرمریت طوسی، کوپ سنگ مرمریت اوشن ماربل، قیمت سنگ مرمریت، قیمت سنگ ساختمانی، سنگ مرمریت سمیرم، مصالح ساختمانی، نمایندگی فروش سنگ نما در اصفهان،خرید و فروش اسلب و کوپ صادراتی اصفهان،فروش سنگ گرانیت سبز، گرانیت مشکی، گرانیت نطنز، فروش سنگ مرمریت اوشن بلک، ۰۹۹۱۱۰۱۹۵۸۹ گلوریا کارگران

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Marble make a modern interior design

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Marble make a modern interior design

A marble island will give the room a sleek h
In the past few decades, marble has fallen by the wayside in interior design. Odds are that when you marble as a design element, you have visions of large, cold rooms encased in floor-to-ceiling stone. Or, of the ornate sculptures that adorn your Grandma’s pristine living room. It’s hardly modern and sleek – or so you may think.

Marble has made a modern comeback in the world of interior design. However, the key to keeping the trend fresh is using it in small doses – accents and statement pieces – rather than in amounts that overwhelm the eye. In this case, less is infinitely more.

If you want to be ahead of the curve, check out this list of ways to incorporate marble into your interior design. We’ll walk you through innovative ways to use marble to give a classic touch to your décor while still staying modern.

Use Marble Columns To Delineate Space

Open-concept living is becoming increasing common. Whether you live in a small studio apartment a spacious single-family home, this type of floor plan opens up the space and leaves it feeling less stuffy and confined
. However, though your home may lack certain walls, you still need to delineate the space in order to keep it looking organized. Let marble do the job.

Columns are, of course, the obvious answer. But, there’s no need for them to look like they came straight out of a white telephone feature. Choose columns with straight edges and relatively few decorative touches to give the space a more industrial feel.

Keep in mind that there’s no need for the columns to stretch from the floor to the ceiling either. Consider building a half-wall with columns that will separate spaces while still letting the eye through all the way through the space.

Collect This Idea
Use modern marble columns to visually separatespaces. c.
Make Marble Part Of Your Walls Or Floors
The “or” part is key in this instance. If both the walls and floors were covered in marble, the space might end up looking too stark and cold. However, by just choosing one, you have the ability to tie just a touch of classical feel into the space while tying it in with more modern materials. Whichever element you pick, there are a variety of ways to execute the design.

Think about adding marble to the backsplash in your kitchen. Use marble as an alternative to traditional wainscoting in your bathroom or dining room. Add a pinch of marble to your living space by encircling the room with a marble chair rail.

If you would rather add marble to the floor, the foyer is a great option since it is traditionally a more formal space.  Add an artistic flourish to your dining room at low cost by using marble to create a design that anchors your dining room table. Marble flooring could add a luxury feel to anyone’s master bathroom.

If you need more luxury in your life, use marble To Make Your Home Look Like A Luxury Hotel.

Collect This IdeaThink about marble for your kitchen backsplash. 
Think about marble for your kitchen backsplash. I
Focus On Marble Furniture
Though it may seem could and uncomfortable at first glance, when paired with the correct pieces, marble makes an excellent material for furniture. It is strong, sturdy, and will last a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to invest in a statement piece of marble furniture. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear while still looking high-end.

A note on choosing the right pieces for your space: Be sure to take measurements. Since marble is particularly heavy and unforgiving, you’ll want to be certain that your new purchase will fit into the space before you make the effort to bring it home. Additionally, don’t feel like you need to stick to neutral tones. A colored marble table top could add just the right pop of color needed to bring your space to life.

Tables work particularly well when made of marble.  Replace the wooden island in your kitchen with one made of marble to create a visual transition from the stove into the dining area. Add a bit of elegance to your living space with a marble coffee table. Think about using marble tables as outdoor furniture since they are hardy enough to stay put during stormy weather.

Collect This Idea A marble coffee table makes a timeless addition to any living space. a:
A marble coffee table makes a timeless addition to any living space.
Incorporate Marble Into Your Accessories And Décor
In the past, adding marble into your home’s design was a significant commitment. After all, it’s not cheap to have a stone company come in and start digging up your walls and floors to replace the old materials with heavy stone. One of the best aspects of this marble reassurance is that smaller marble accessories and décor items are popping up on store shelves. They allow you to try out the trend before taking a lasting plunge or to incorporate it into small apartments that would have previously been deemed too tight of a space.

For more information on decorating small spaces, take a look at these things Nobody tells You About Decorating Apartment.

When looking at accessories, focus on adding one or two marble pieces to the room. A pair of marbled lamps like the ones shown above would be nice focal point by your bedside or in your family room. Marble candleholders and a soap set can add a romantic touch to your bathroom.

For a subtler feel, focus on marble-inspired pieces. They offer the same pop of classical style without the big price tag. A piece of wall art or a patterned throw rug that that mimics the neutral colors and bold lines found in marble could be all you need to tie a room together.

Collect This IdeaFor a less permanent design option, consider accessories. c
For a less permanent design option, consider adding marble through accessories. c
Marble has fallen out of favor with interior designers in recent years, but it is about to make a comeback. If you are under the impression that marble can come off looking heavy-handed and ornate, think again. This article offers suggestions on how to incorporate marble into your interior design while keeping it sutble and modern. Use them to stay on trend.

How do you feel about marble’s resurgence? Are you up for incorporating it into your interior design? Have you found any marble products that you absolutely love?

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