خرید فروش صادرات سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش نمایندگی سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش قیمت نمایندگی سنگ گرانیت سبز، سنگ مرمریت سفید، سنگ مرمریت اوشن بلک، سنگ مرمریت در اصفهان

خرید فروش نمایندگی سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش قیمت نمایندگی سنگ گرانیت سبز، سنگ مرمریت سفید، سنگ مرمریت اوشن بلک، سنگ مرمریت در اصفهان

خرید فروش نمایندگی سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش قیمت سنگ نما،خرید فروش سنگ گرانیت ، گرانیت آبرنگی،سنگ جدول، سنگ نما سفید،سنگ مرمریت سیاه، سنگ نما قهوه ای، کوپ سنگ مرمریت اسپادانا سیلک، کوپ سنگ مرمریت اوشن ماربل، اسلب سنگ مرمریت اسپادانا یلک، اسلب سنگ مرمریت اوشن ماربل، قیمت سنگ مرمریت، کوپ سنگ مرمریت طوسی، کوپ سنگ مرمریت اوشن ماربل، قیمت سنگ مرمریت، قیمت سنگ ساختمانی، سنگ مرمریت سمیرم، مصالح ساختمانی، نمایندگی فروش سنگ نما در اصفهان،خرید و فروش اسلب و کوپ صادراتی اصفهان،فروش سنگ گرانیت سبز، گرانیت مشکی، گرانیت نطنز، فروش سنگ مرمریت اوشن بلک، ۰۹۹۱۱۰۱۹۵۸۹ گلوریا کارگران

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The advantage of stone in modern decoration

The advantage of stone in modern decoration and architecture Natural element stone, noble and elegant The stone has noble and delicate properties, consisting of crystal, hard and permanent. Different stones have different beauties. All kinds of public and high-rise buildings are all decorated with stone to enhance the aesthetic taste of man. 

Uniqueness and variety of stones

Stone is a unique building material that has the properties of non-replaceable materials. Each stone has its own texture. When natural stone is mined, it is generally a large block of material. Designers can design the size and shape of the stone according to their specific design requirements. At the same time, the types of stone and the possibility of unique processing in building materials are unique.

Stone suitable for design Variety of stones, no building materials have a rich color and variety like natural stone, and the level of refining operations is unlimited, architects and architects can use them to make more use of their imagination. Cost-effective stone The cost of using stone may be high, but it is affordable for long-term and 30 years of building life. If the building stones need to be repaired, this need will be met with practical technologies and stone-cutting equipment. 
marble has good thermal conductivity and high heat storage capacity. It is cool in summer and this saves energy. It has a good thermal conductivity and plays a good role in heat transfer.
The beauty and durability of Marble
marble with its processing properties, durability, beauty, easy cleaning, etc. as a building material, especially on the floor of the building, is an ideal material.

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Glory luxe marble مرمریت مشکی اوشن بلک


Interior design with Spadana silk marble

A Spadana silk marble island will give the room a slik in the past few decades, marble has fallen by the wayside in interior design. Odds are that when you marble as a design element, you have visions of large, cold rooms encased in floor-to-ceiling stone Marble has made a modern comeback in the world of interior design. However, the key to keeping the trend fresh is using it in small doses – accents and statement pieces – rather than in amounts that overwhelm the eye. In this case, less is infinitely more. 

.مرمریت طوسی اسپادانا سیلک


If you want to be ahead of the curve, check out this list of ways to incorporate marble into your interior design.

Use Marble Columns To Delineate Space

Open-concept living is becoming increasing common. Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a spacious single-family home, this type of floor plan opens up the space and leaves it feeling less stuffy and confined. However, though your home may lack certain walls, you still need to delineate the space in order to keep it looking organized. Let marble do the job.

Columns are, of course, the obvious answer. But, there’s no need for them to look like they came straight out of a white telephone feature. Choose columns with straight edges and relatively few decorative touches to give the space a more industrial feel.

Keep in mind that there’s no need for the columns to stretch from the floor to the ceiling either. Consider building a half-wall with columns that will separate spaces while still letting the eye through all the way through the space.


Collect This Idea

Use modern marble columns to visually separatespaces. c.
Make Marble Part Of Your Walls Or Floors
The “or” part is key in this instance. If both the walls and floors were covered in marble, the space might end up looking too stark and cold. However, by just choosing one, you have the ability to tie just a touch of classical feel into the space while tying it in with more modern materials. Whichever element you pick, there are a variety of ways to execute the design.

Think about adding marble to the backsplash in your kitchen. Use marble as an alternative to traditional wainscoting in your bathroom or dining room. Add a pinch of marble to your living space by encircling the room with a marble chair rail.

If you would rather add marble to the floor, the foyer is a great option since it is traditionally a more formal space.  Add an artistic flourish to your dining room at low cost by using marble to create a design that anchors your dining room table. Marble flooring could add a luxury feel to anyone’s master bathroom

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Glory luxe marble مرمریت مشکی اوشن بلک

buildings and Ocean Black Marble Slabs

Ocean Black marble slab for export is one of the most widely used marble stone interiors for use in building interiors because it easily adapts to a variety of other colors and can be varied to the layout and interior of the building. Creates a very beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in the lobby of residential homes. The marble stone is used in the interior of the building and is used to exteriorize the lobby floor of stairs and stairs and is rarely used in outdoor spaces. Nowadays, due to the increasing progress of the interior design industry Architects and building engineers pay particular attention to the use of the Tusi marble coupon exported to the interior of the building.

Usage of Black Ocean Marble Slabs



Ocean black marble can be used in the lobby of luxury hotels and modern commercial and office complexes whose owners are particularly important in satisfying their customers and clients in the dimensions of 60*60 80*80 and 100*100.

Ocean black slab( dimantion 290*190 cm)

contrast of Ocean black marble

A Ocean black marble with infinite depth and a noble and aristocratic quality that radiates royalty.

As classic as they come, this Natural Stone deploys a delicate arrangement that allows

the extreme contrast created by black and white to shine through.


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Glory luxe marble مرمریت مشکی اوشن بلک