خرید فروش صادرات سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش نمایندگی سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش قیمت نمایندگی سنگ گرانیت سبز، سنگ مرمریت سفید، سنگ مرمریت اوشن بلک، سنگ مرمریت در اصفهان

خرید فروش نمایندگی سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش قیمت نمایندگی سنگ گرانیت سبز، سنگ مرمریت سفید، سنگ مرمریت اوشن بلک، سنگ مرمریت در اصفهان

خرید فروش نمایندگی سنگ نما در اصفهان

خرید فروش قیمت سنگ نما،خرید فروش سنگ گرانیت ، گرانیت آبرنگی،سنگ جدول، سنگ نما سفید،سنگ مرمریت سیاه، سنگ نما قهوه ای، کوپ سنگ مرمریت اسپادانا سیلک، کوپ سنگ مرمریت اوشن ماربل، اسلب سنگ مرمریت اسپادانا یلک، اسلب سنگ مرمریت اوشن ماربل، قیمت سنگ مرمریت، کوپ سنگ مرمریت طوسی، کوپ سنگ مرمریت اوشن ماربل، قیمت سنگ مرمریت، قیمت سنگ ساختمانی، سنگ مرمریت سمیرم، مصالح ساختمانی، نمایندگی فروش سنگ نما در اصفهان،خرید و فروش اسلب و کوپ صادراتی اصفهان،فروش سنگ گرانیت سبز، گرانیت مشکی، گرانیت نطنز، فروش سنگ مرمریت اوشن بلک، ۰۹۹۱۱۰۱۹۵۸۹ گلوریا کارگران

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The stone structure features the unique Spadana Silk marble

Spadana Silk Marble is one of the most popular luxury stones marketed in slabs and tiles. Spadana Silk Marble Mine is located in the north of Abadeh, Fars Province. Fars province has very rich mines, many of which have excellent export sites. Spadana silk marble has been used in many modern projects and has been a favorite stone of top building architects

The Spadana Silk Marble block is in good health and has attracted the attention of both Chinese and Indians. The stone has a gray or gray background, with irregular lines and white spiders. Generally Spadana Silk marble is processed and exported according to export standards and the purchase price

of this product depends on various factors.

مرمریت اسپادانا سیلک

Stone health is one of the unique features of Spadana Silk Marble

Spadana silk marble is structurally very strong and high abrasion resistance and low water absorption, transparency and beautiful color make it one of the most luxurious stones in the domestic and foreign market.

The use of Spadana Silk marble along with the more brownish green and black sapphire stones has created a beautiful and eye-catching combination that gives the space and building a special look. In many of the luxurious interior designs of the building, the stone on the floor and walls of the building, along with the black, brown, and generally darker stones, give a very beautiful combination.

Spadana Silk marble is considered one of the most unique ornamental stones in the world because of its high beauty and density parameters. The use of this stone in many luxurious and luxurious projects causes more beauty and eye-catching.

Uses of Spadana Silk Marble Slabs:

Interior of the building

Halls and paving & reception rooms

Cabinet board and kitchen space

Entrance lobby and entrance hall

Stairs and under stairs

Stairs and wall stairs

The wall

Elevator wall

Luxury toilets

Luxury bathrooms and master baths

Luxury hotels and projects

Counter and Counter of Public Centers

And …

ویژگی منحصر به فرد مرمریت اسپادانا سیلک

Due to the luxury, luxury and attractive color of the stone in the design and interior design of the building, the use of Spadana Silk marble slabs has been on the agenda of many architects and interior design engineers. The low water absorption and solid strength and density of this rock also have a great following in the cause of Spadana Silk marble.]


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Glory luxe marble مرمریت مشکی اوشن بلک

buildings and Ocean Black Marble Slabs

Ocean Black marble slab for export is one of the most widely used marble stone interiors for use in building interiors because it easily adapts to a variety of other colors and can be varied to the layout and interior of the building. Creates a very beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in the lobby of residential homes. The marble stone is used in the interior of the building and is used to exteriorize the lobby floor of stairs and stairs and is rarely used in outdoor spaces. Nowadays, due to the increasing progress of the interior design industry Architects and building engineers pay particular attention to the use of the Tusi marble coupon exported to the interior of the building.

Usage of Black Ocean Marble Slabs



Ocean black marble can be used in the lobby of luxury hotels and modern commercial and office complexes whose owners are particularly important in satisfying their customers and clients in the dimensions of 60*60 80*80 and 100*100.

Ocean black slab( dimantion 290*190 cm)

contrast of Ocean black marble

A Ocean black marble with infinite depth and a noble and aristocratic quality that radiates royalty.

As classic as they come, this Natural Stone deploys a delicate arrangement that allows

the extreme contrast created by black and white to shine through.


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Glory luxe marble مرمریت مشکی اوشن بلک

The Beauty of the Ocean Black Ocean marble

Characteristics are found in the luxurious Ocean Black marble and Ocean marble that is not found in other natural stones. Because of the strength and durability of this type of stone and its unparalleled beauty, architects and interior designers use this type of stone to make their designs more luxurious.

This stone has also become a popular and expensive stone for use in the building because of its polished surface and a smooth mirror surface. Marble gives the home decoration its splendor and is well worth the investment in interior design because of its high strength and attractive appeal.


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Ocean marble slab

       Ocean black marble


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Glory luxe marble مرمریت مشکی اوشن بلک